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Steel Foundations

Steel construction involves replacing the traditional concrete skeleton for the use of a steel skeleton for walls made of high-quality insulation layers. This method adopts technological innovation by integrating advanced insulation and acoustic materials.

The result could be savings of about 30% in the electricity bill.
Advanced industrial construction usually refers to construction with a steel skeleton combined with concrete floors. The walls of the building are multi-layered, creating a massive wall 22 cm thick ,with improved insulation. The wall is covered with familiar finishing materials, such as decorative plaster and various types of stone.

Construction Site
Leaky Sink Drain Pipe
Grey Water

The Grey water system mitigates waste-water from showers, baths, basins, washing machines, and condensation water from air conditioners (does not include kitchen sinks and toilets).
Through the grey water system you can save and recycle up to 50% of your household water consumption.

Why use the greywater system?

  • Money saving in water bill payments  

  •  Easing sewage loads 

  • Protecting the environment via water conservation    
    and much more...

Solar Energy Production

Solar systems will transfer energy from the sun's rays to cheap, clean and reliable electric
The most significant benefit of a solar energy production is the huge financial savings.
In theory, a solar system can be operated on any size surface expose to the sun, but it is typically installed on available roof space.
There are a number of characteristics that are important to address when choosing the exact layout of the system on the roof of your property: It should allow maximum exposure to direct sunlight (preferably south-facing) but also provide natural protection of the system from damage.
Solar energy production are not good for money savings, but also for the environmental sustainability as well.

Traditional electricity is produced by burning fossil fuels such as natural gas and coal. Burning these substances releases harmful gases that are the main cause of global warming.
Using solar systems saves 95% of these emissions and helps the world fight the severe damage that ensues from
burning these substances.

Solar Panels on Roof
Modern House
Smart Green Homes

They are eco-friendly homes fully integrating the latest of home automation and user friendly technology.
The materials used to build green smart homes are ethical, non-toxic, recyclable, and therefore and sustainable. These homes meet the needs and wants of their occupants without harming the environment. Green smart homes also help us save on our energy bills. One of the biggest benefits of these homes is that they allow us to remotely monitor and manage different appliances or electrical components via smart devices like smartphones, tablets, or laptops, with minimal damage to the environment.

Instead of a traditional home control system, we use a green component as a substitute to control the house. 
Green or eco-friendly smart homes consume less electricity and water. They do not even release harmful

greenhouse gases which are a major cause of air pollution and global warming.

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